Fujifilm X-H2S Mirrorless Camera with Fujifilm XF100-400MM f/4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR Lens,Review Is it good for all of your photograph need?

Fujifilm X-H2S Camera

Welcome Fujifilm X-H2S May,14,2024 Review by Nelson The Fujifilm X-H2 is a highly anticipated mirrorless camera in the X series lineup from Fujifilm. As a tech expert, I can provide some insights into what we might expect from this camera based on industry trends and the previous X-H series models. The X-H2 is likely to … Read more

GFX50S Review-Is The Best Camera I Ever Buy

GFX50S Review

May 6, 2024 by Nelson

GFX5OS Review

Fujifilm GFX50S II GF35-70mm Kit Black

The Fujifilm GFX50S II paired with the GF35-70mm lens kit in black is a powerful combination for professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. The GFX50S II features a large 51.4MP medium format sensor that delivers stunning image quality with exceptional detail and dynamic range.

The GF35-70mm lens provides a versatile focal length range, making it suitable for a wide range of shooting scenarios, from landscapes to portraits. The lens is known for its sharpness and clarity, producing crisp images with beautiful bokeh.

The GFX50S II camera body is well-built and weather-sealed, making it suitable for use in challenging shooting conditions. It features a high-resolution electronic viewfinder, a tilting touchscreen LCD, and a robust set of manual controls for a traditional shooting experience.

Overall, the Fujifilm GFX50S II with the GF35-70mm lens kit is a top-tier option for photographers looking to step up their game and delve into medium format photography. The combination of the large sensor, high-quality lens, and robust build makes it a compelling choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking exceptional image quality and versatility.

GFX50S Review

Model NameGFX50S II GF35-70mm Kit
Model NumberGFX50S II GF35-70mm Kit
Customer Reviews 4.7 out of 5 stars  24 ratings
Best Sellers Rank#253,984 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics)
#48 in SLR Film Cameras
Number of Items1
Included ComponentsCamera Body & Lens
Upper Temperature Rating40 Degrees Celsius

GFX50S Review

Auto Focus TechnologyPhase Detection
Aspect RatioUnknown
Photo Sensor TechnologyCmos
Effective Still Resolution51.4
Image StabilizationDual
White balance settingsAuto
JPEG quality levelFine
Camera FlashHotshoe
Flash Modes DescriptionTTL
Supported Image FormatJPEG, Raw, TIFF
Video Capture Resolution1080p
Video Input FormatNTSC/PAL
Color Depth14 Bits
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FUJIFILM GFX50S II Specifications

Number of effective pixels
51.4 million pixels
Image sensor 43.8mm×32.9mm Bayer array with primary color filter
Image Processing EngineX-Processor 4
Storage mediaSD Card (-2GB) / SDHC Card (-32GB) / SDXC Card (-2TB) / UHS-I / UHS-II / Video Speed Class V90. *Please see the Fujifilm website to check memory card compatibility.
File format of still imageDCF Compliant with Design rule for Camera File system (DCF2.0), JPEG Exif Ver.2.32, RAW 14bit RAW (RAF original format), TIFF 8bit / 16bit RGB (In-camer a Raw Conversion Only). *Exif 2.32 is a digital camer a file format that contains a variety of shooting information f or optimal printing
Lens mountLens mount
SensitivityStandard output: AUTO1 / AUTO2 / AUTO3 / ISO100~12800 (1/3 step). Extended output: ISO50 / ISO25600 / ISO51200 / ISO102400.
Exposure controlTTL 256-zone metering / Multi / Spot / Aver age / Center Weighted
Exposure modeP (Program AE) / A (Aperture Priority AE) / S (Shutter Speed Priority AE) / M (Manual Exposure)
Exposure compensationStill: -5.0EV~+5.0EV 1/3EV step. Movie: -2.0EV~+2.0EV 1/3EV step
Shutter typeFocal Plane Shutter
Flash modesSync. Mode: 1st Curtain / 2nd Curtain / AUTO FP (HSS). When SHOE MOUNT FLASH is set: TTL (TTL AUTO / STANDARD / SLOW SYNC. ) / MANUAL / MULTI *When EF-X500 is set / OFF. Hot shoe: Yes (Dedicated TTL Flash compatible
LCD monitor3.2 inch Tilt-Type (Three Direction) Touch Screen Color LCD Monitor. Aspect Ratio: 4:3. Dots: Approx. 2.36 million dots
Viewfinder0.5 inch OLED Color Viewfinder, Approx. 3.69 million dots, Approx. 100%, Approx. 23mm (from the Rear End of the Camera’s Eyepiece), -4 +2m-1, 0.77x with 50mm Lens (35mm Equivalent) at infinity and Diopter set to -1.0m-1 approx. 38° (Horizontal angle of vie w: approx. 30° ), Built-In Eye Sensor
(W) 150.0mm × (H) 104.2mm × (D) 87.2mm (minimum depth 44.0mm)
WeightApprox. 900g including battery and SD memory card. Approx. 819g excluding battery and SD memory card
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 GFX50S Spec’s Review

GFX50S Review

The Fujifilm GFX50S II paired with the GF35-70mm lens kit in black is a formidable combination offering impressive specifications. Here are some key specs for both the camera body and the lens:

Fujifilm GFX50S II Camera Body:
– 51.4MP 43.8 x 32.9mm CMOS sensor: The large medium format sensor delivers exceptional image quality with high resolution and dynamic range.
– X-Processor 4 Image Processor: Provides fast performance and image processing capabilities.
– 3.69m-dot OLED electronic viewfinder: Offers a high-resolution view for composing shots.
– 3.2″ 2.36m-dot tilting touchscreen LCD: Allows for easy navigation and image playback.
– ISO range of 100-12800: Provides flexibility in various lighting conditions.
– Up to 3 fps continuous shooting: Suitable for medium format photography.
– Full HD 1080p video recording at up to 30 fps: Offers video recording capabilities.

GF35-70mm Lens:
– Versatile focal length range from wide-angle to standard zoom.
– Maximum aperture range of f/3.5-4.5: Provides flexibility in varying lighting conditions.
– Weather-sealed construction: Offers durability and protection against the elements.
– High-quality optics for sharpness and clarity: Delivers stunning image quality.

Overall, the Fujifilm GFX50S II with the GF35-70mm lens kit in black combines a high-resolution medium format sensor with a versatile zoom lens, making it a powerful tool for photographers looking to capture exceptional images with detail and clarity.


High image quality: The 51.4 megapixel sensor delivers stunning image quality with excellent detail and dynamic range.
Medium format sensor: The medium format sensor provides superior image quality compared to smaller sensors.
Weather-sealed body: The GFX50S is weather-sealed, making it suitable for shooting in various weather conditions.
Tilting LCD touchscreen: The tilting LCD touchscreen makes it easy to compose shots from different angles.
Fujifilm Film Simulation modes: The camera offers a variety of Film Simulation modes that replicate the look of classic Fujifilm films.


. Price: The GFX50S is quite expensive, making it less accessible to casual photographers.
. Size and weight: GFX50S II GF35-70mm and robust build of the camera result in a larger and heavier body compared to smaller mirrorless cameras.
. Autofocus speed: The autofocus performance of the GFX50S may not be as fast as some other mirrorless cameras on the market.
. Limited lens options: The GFX system has a limited selection of lenses compared to other camera systems, which may restrict the versatility of the camera for some users.
. Battery life: The GFX50S is known to have relatively short battery life compared to other mirrorless cameras, so carrying spare batteries may be necessary for extended shooting sessio

Who Is Fujifilm Best For?

The Fujifilm GFX50S II, as a hypothetical successor to the GFX50S, would likely be best suited for professional photographers and advanced enthusiasts who prioritize image quality and resolution. The medium format sensor of the GFX50S II would be ideal for capturing high-resolution images with exceptional detail and dynamic range, making it well-suited for landscape, portrait, studio, and commercial photography.

Additionally, the weather-sealed body of the GFX50S II would make it suitable for shooting in various weather conditions, appealing to photographers who work outdoors or in challenging environments. The camera’s advanced features and controls would also cater to users who require a high level of customization and control over their photography.

However, due to the potential high cost of the camera and its larger size and weight compared to other mirrorless cameras, the Fujifilm GFX50S II may not be suitable for casual photographers or those looking for a more compact and lightweight camera for everyday use.

Final Verdict – Is Fujifilm GFX50S Worth It?

The Fujifilm GFX50S II is a high-quality GFX50S II GF35-70mm camera that offers excellent image quality and a wide range of features. However, whether or not it is worth it ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget.

If you are a professional photographer or enthusiast looking for the best possible image quality and are willing to invest in a Fujifilm GFX50S II GF35-70mm may be worth it for you. It offers a large sensor, high resolution, and a wide range of lenses to choose from.

On the other hand, if you are a casual photographer or on a tight budget, you may find that a smaller, less expensive camera meets your needs just fine. It’s important to consider your specific needs, budget, and level of expertise before making a decision on whether the Fujifilm GFX50S II is worth it for you.